Keep Rolex Watch Value

Rolex has long been renowned as the most recognized watch brand in the world. Ask a non-ethusiast to name any brand and chances are, a majority will name Rolex, either solely or perhaps alongside 1 or 2 others. The process of purchasing from such a brand is notoriously tedious, however should you find yourself lucky enough to possess this luxury brand, you would obviously want to keep it in the best condition possible. Today we’ll dive into how you can keep the value of your Rolex watch.


By following these tips, you can ensure that your investment remains not only a symbol of elegance but also a wise financial decision.


Tip 1:

Save and keep all original accessories: This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised at the number of individuals who discard the box, paperwork, and even the purchase receipt that come with their Rolex watches. However, these seemingly insignificant items contribute to the watch's overall value. Secondary market dealers often estimate that the box, papers, and purchase receipt alone can account for between 10 to 20% of a watch's value. Having all the extras is what is often colloquially called ''A full set''. These items often include, but are not limited to;


- The iconic Green Presentation Box


- All links, if you removed any


- Rolex manual, specific to the model


- Bezel protector (Sometimes not included)

 Bezel Protector

- White hangtag (Most commonly thrown away or lost)


- Original Purchase Receipt (Differs from shop to shop)


- Cream outer Box

 Cream box

- The warranty card with the Rolex green wallet

 Green Card

- White sleeve with sticker


- Green certified tag


- Certificate of Guaranteed Authenticity


Much like the watches themselves, the better the condition of these extra items, the higher the value (Depending on the age and model, of course).

Tip 2:

Taking Care of the Watch’s Condition: While wearing your Rolex watch often is advantageous, it is equally important to be cautious of potential hazards that can cause scratching, denting, or even the breaking of its delicate components. These vulnerable areas typically include the sapphire crystal face, the lugs' sides, and the clasp. Close contact with table edges, door handles, and concrete floors can pose a risk to your timepiece's condition. Although a scratch on your Rolex may not be catastrophic, restoring it to its original flawless condition through polishing can be a costly affair, potentially reaching up to $300.

You can also consider purchasing STYX Watch Protection Kits to extend the life of your Rolex, keeping it safe from damage such as scratches and dents caused by daily wear and tear! Prevention is better than cure after all.


Tip 3:

Frequently Wear Your Watch: Contrary popular belief, frequent wearing of your watch is crucial for its proper functioning and longevity. A stationary watch sitting idly can result in the movement's parts seizing up or even failing. To prevent this, we recommend cycling through your watch collection, ensuring that each timepiece receives sufficient wrist time for the movement to remain active. By wearing your Rolex regularly, you not only enhance its value but also enjoy the beauty and craftsmanship it offers.


Tip 4: 

Maintain Original parts: One crucial aspect to emphasize when considering value retention is the importance of keeping your Rolex watch as close to its factory-original state as possible. With vintage models, collectors place high value on timepieces that preserve their initial features. While Rolex may replace certain components like dials, bezel inserts, and original bracelets during servicing, retaining the original parts can significantly impact the watch's value. Even heavily worn original parts are highly sought after. Safeguard and keep all original parts if your watch does go in for a service. This commitment to maintaining originality can potentially increase the value of your watch by up to 30%, especially for certain models.


Tip 5:

Protect Your Watch from Water Damage: One of the most costly repairs for any Rolex watch is water damage resulting from improperly screwing down the crown before exposing the watch to water. Unfortunately, many watches have fallen victim to this common mistake, leading to water penetration into the movement. As water and oil are not compatible, this mishap necessitates extensive repairs amounting to approximately 7-10% of the watch's value. To avoid such financial setbacks, it is vital to ensure that the crown is securely tightened before any water-related activities. By exercising caution and taking preventive measures, you safeguard your Rolex from potential water damage, helping preserve its value.


Tip 6:

Exercise Caution with Polishing: Professional polishing services can be quite expensive, with costs ranging from $100-$200, depending on the metal. It is essential to be aware that excessive polishing can result in a curved mirror look as opposed to the desired flat mirror effect. This apparent discrepancy can be indicative of over-polishing or even incorrect polishing techniques. As a consequence, the watch's value may be negatively affected. Additionally, amateur polishing can inadvertently round out the edges of the lugs, detracting from their sharpness and overall appeal. While some buyers prefer a new-like appearance for their watches, it is advisable to seek a second opinion before having your watch polished, especially for specific models or those with a significant age. This way, you can make an informed decision about whether polishing your watch is the right course of action.


Tip 7: 

Stay away from Modifications: We highly recommend avoiding any aftermarket modifications to your Rolex watch. These modifications include the addition of gems by drilling holes into the previous metals or attaching custom bezels or dials. Although these modifications are not permanent, they can compromise the watch's originality and require the preservation of the original parts for future use. By adhering to the watch's factory standards, you safeguard its value and ensure that potential buyers perceive it as an authentic Rolex timepiece.


Your Rolex watch represents both a statement of sophistication and a valuable asset. While it is essential to derive pleasure from your timepiece daily, mindful and proactive care can ensure that it maintains its value over time. By applying these seven professional tips, including protecting against water damage, cautious handling, preserving original accessories, avoiding aftermarket modifications, maintaining originality, frequent wearing, and exercising caution with polishing, you can enhance and safeguard the value of your Rolex.


Whether you choose to preserve your watch for personal enjoyment or to eventually pass it on to another enthusiast, these strategies and tips will undoubtedly prove beneficial. Remember, owning a Rolex signifies a timeless investment, deserving both appreciation and diligent care.