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Freshen Up Your Rolex

Why FKM not Silicon?

Fluroelastomer or FKM is a class of synthetic rubber designed for durability under extreme conditions. 

It has high tensile strength while keeping extraordinary flexibility. FKM is the ideal material for watch strap making because of its high resistance against temperature changes, moisture, magnetism, UV rays, and other types of environmental exposure.

FKM will remain strong and flexible after years of exposure and stay clean of dust due to is neutral charge property.

Why Choose

For those who are tired of the steel bracelet and wants to add some color to your watch. STYX presents you with our collection of Premium FKM Rubber Strap.

Available in Five colors, the strap gives you a new look to your watches. 

Made from premium vulcanized FKM rubber, the amazing strap has been proven its non toxic and non allergic properties.

All straps are specially designed to be installed and removed easily. Each straps come with 9 levels of length adjustment to best fit your wrist.

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