10 tips to skip that notorious Rolex waiting list

10 tips to help you skip that notorious Rolex waiting list:


  1. Dress appropriately when visiting the authorized dealer.
  2. Be friendly and personable with the dealer.
  3. Develop a genuine relationship with the dealer.
  4. Have knowledge about Rolex.
  5. Wear a Rolex when visiting the dealer.
  6. Communicate your seriousness to the dealer.
  7. Avoid changing your mind about the model you want.
  8. Visit the dealer regularly to show your commitment.
  9. Create a purchase history with the dealer.
  10. Make an effort to show you aren't looking to flip the watch.

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By implementing these tips, you can increase your chances of getting the Rolex you desire in a shorter time frame. Though there are no guarantees to bypass the Rolex waiting list completely, employing as many of these tips as possible will improve your chances of obtaining your desired Rolex quicker. Neglecting these tips, on the other hand, will almost certainly result in a near-zero chance of getting the stainless steel Rolex sports model you've always wanted.


Even doing just one or two of these suggestions will significantly increase your chances. Listed below are the top 10 tips for beating the Rolex waiting list, recommended by our network of trusted watch dealers from all over the world. If you're interested in learning more about Rolex prior to visiting an authorized dealer, I recommend checking out our blog! 


  1. Dress appropriately when visiting the dealer.

    While one's worth cannot be determined solely by appearance, first impressions can still impact how a person is perceived. Dressing smartly indicates professionalism and can help make a positive impression on the authorized dealer. It is not necessary to wear formal attire, but wearing clean, presentable clothes such as nice jeans, a new pair of trainers, and a polo shirt can make a difference. If you already wear a suit to work, consider visiting the dealer during your lunch break or after work when you are already dressed to impress. Business casual attire is ideal for watch shopping and leaves a favorable impression. Looking clean, well-dressed, and wearing your favorite cologne or perfume can certainly enhance your chances.


  1. Be friendly and personable with the dealer.

    Being kind and courteous is important in all aspects of life, including beating the Rolex waiting list. It is a fact that being unpleasant will not get you to the top of any Rolex waiting list. Authorized dealers have the ability to give a Rolex sports model to anyone they choose, and they will not give it to someone they do not like. It is the same for everyone. Dealers are more likely to want to sell a watch to someone they like and relate to. Therefore, it is beneficial to learn somebasic principles of body language and social interaction to make people like you more. Choose a sales representative with whom you feel you have the most in common, or build a rapport with the one you feel you have the best chance of building a relationship with. This leads us to the third tip for beating the Rolex waiting list.


  1. Develop a genuine relationship with the authorized dealer.

    This tip goes hand in hand with tip two about being nice. However, ensure that you build a good relationship with one of the sales representatives at the authorized dealer. Always speak with the same person when visiting the store, have coffee with them, and talk about various subjects, not just watches.

    Of course, at first, you will only discuss watches, but as time goes on, try to delve into other topics. Discuss families, hobbies, and interests, and hopefully, you will find some common ground. However, do not be pushy or overeager, let the relationship develop organically. The closer you get to the sales representative, the more likely they will want to sell you the watch you want in a reasonable amount of time.

    Building a relationship takes time, but once you have it and buy your first Rolex from them, getting subsequent Rolex watches will be much faster. Rome wasn't built in a day, so build that relationship and beat the Rolex waiting list.


  1. Possess knowledge about Rolex.

    Being knowledgeable about Rolex can help you beat the Rolex waiting list. It is not necessary to be an expert, but having some knowledge about the brand, its history, core models, and technical aspects will give you plenty to talk about with the dealer. Additionally, this demonstrates that you are serious about Rolex's values and the brand. This puts you in a better position to be considered for the next Rolex sports model delivery.

    Moreover, try to find out when they usually receive their deliveries and plan your visits accordingly. This way, you may be lucky and find that they have just received the model you want, the sales representative is in a good mood and likes you, and all the necessary stars align, allowing you to walk out with the Rolex you've always wanted.


  1. Wear a Rolex when visiting the dealer.

    If you already own a Rolex, wear it every time you visit the authorized dealer. Doing so will provide a great talking point and demonstrate that you have a history of purchasing Rolex watches. It also indicates that you may have a high net worth. Frequenting the store while wearing the same watch instills the authorized dealer with greater confidence that you are not just after that Submariner or Daytona to flip for a profit.

    If you don't already own a Rolex, wear any luxury watch you have. This shows that you are serious about watches and that you are committed to spending the money to obtain a new Rolex sports model at the retail price.


  1. Communicate your level of commitment to the dealer.

    Let the authorized dealer know that you are serious and that you will complete the purchase within 24 hours of receiving the call, demonstrating that you have the means to do so. Communicate that you will leave your wife's birthday party, your anniversary meal, or the birth of your first child to purchase the watch. Although you should not go overboard- no one wants a break-up, it's essential to communicate, show them how serious you are, and have your card ready to swipe as soon as that call comes in.

    Many individuals put their names on the Rolex waiting list but cannot afford the piece or are not serious about purchasing it for whatever reason. The authorized dealer can spot these people from a mile away. In any case, they probably won't have placed you on the Rolex waiting list you believe you are on if you come across as non-committal in any way. Dealers maintain a list of people that they know they can call on and are reliable. Within 24 hours, they will arrive with the cash to buy the watch.

    Please inform the dealer regarding planned vacations so that they know you are genuinely out of town if a watch arrives, and you cannot make it to the store. Although you can probably pay for the product over the phone, it is recommended that you go to the store with your card to buy it because you want to inspect the watch before handing over the cash. Although there may not be anything wrong with the product, it's still the standard purchasing process. Thus, make the AD aware and show them that you are committed to the purchase.


  1. Avoid changing your mind.

    Choosing the Rolex sports model you want and sticking to it until you buy it is critical. Therefore, research the Rolex you want since there are several blogs and YouTube videos to help you determine which model is the best fit for you. Don't change your mind; one week, you may want a Submariner, and the next week you may want a GMT Master II. If you do this, the authorized dealer will not take you seriously.

    Additionally, I recommend avoiding putting your name on multiple Rolex models, such as a Submariner, a Daytona, and a GMT, for example. Doing so gives the impression that you are ready to flip any watch that comes your way. Have a story about why you want a specific watch, its sentimental value to you, and why obtaining it would be special for you. This will place you at the top of the list and motivate the authorized dealer to make your dream come true and complete the narrative for you.


  1. Show your face regularly.

    It is a good idea to visit the authorized dealer regularly to show your commitment to the purchase. It's recommended that you pop into the store at least every two weeks or a couple of times a month at an absolute minimum. Doing so is sufficient to demonstrate your seriousness about the watch you intend to purchase.

    If you put your name on the Rolex waiting list and never show up again, it is unlikely that the dealer will remember you or place you at the top of the list when the watch arrives. However, if you are in the Rolex store every Friday without fail, you will be at the forefront of the authorized dealer's mind when the watch you've been waiting for becomes available. If you are easy to remember, this increases your chances significantly.


  1. Create a purchase history.

    Having a purchasing history with an authorized Rolex dealer is always helpful. It does not have to be significant, and it does not have to be on Rolex. If the authorized dealer is part of a jewelry store that sells other jewelry such as rings or bracelets, for example, having made a purchase will be beneficial. It is also helpful to have previously spent money on less desirable Rolex models, such as the Datejust.

    However, there are rumors that individuals will not be able to obtain a stainless steel sports model unless they have previously purchased a Datejust. Although I don't believe this is entirely accurate, it would certainly be beneficial. But many individuals want only one watch and can only afford one luxury watch in their lifetime, so buying several other Rolex watches to obtain the stainless steel version they want is impractical. The authorized dealers recognize this, so I don't think it's entirely true. However, having spent some cash with the authorized dealer will undoubtedly assist in combination with all of these other tips.


  1. Make an effort to show you aren't looking to flip the watch.

    This tip is related to Tip 5. Do everything in your power to persuade the authorized dealer that you are not going to flip the watch for a profit. Authorized dealers give priority to anyone who is likely to keep the watch for a long time. Consider using STYX Watch Protection Kits to show you are serious about keeping the watch long term and not just going to the grey market next door the moment they hand over the prized timepiece to flip for a profit.

    Suppose you have an excellent tale about why you want a watch, what it means to you, and why it would be so special to get this watch you've always wanted. In that case, this will place you in a great position to get a Rolex at retail.


Well that's all for now, we provided practical strategies for navigating the Rolex waiting list and maximizing your chances of acquiring a desired timepiece. By prioritizing the development of a genuine relationship with an authorized dealer, demonstrating your knowledge about Rolex, and showcasing your commitment to the brand, you can increase your chances of securing a watch.

Consistently visiting the authorized dealer, establishing a purchase history, and reassuring them of your intention to keep the watch are key steps towards success. Additionally, leveraging your frequent  presence and timing your visits strategically can provide advantageous opportunities. Follow these expert tips to navigate the Rolex waiting list efficiently and protect your investment.

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